My name is Christopher and I currently reside in Long Beach, CA.

I came to magic and alternative spirituality as teenager, being first introduced to the runes by a birthday present from my best friend. Something about the runes just sang in my blood and in my heart and soul and I have never stopped using them since. Fortunetelling, magic, sorcery and enlightenment have all sprang from my continued work with the runes and the path of magic and spirituality that they have opened up for me.

Along the way I pursued and became in many other things. Chaos magic, occultism, folk magic, Wicca and witchcraft, and magic and rituals of classical antiquity and the middles Europe. I have also always been interested in legend, myth, folklore and fairy tales, which have been a handy key for me in understanding other people, cultures and ritual and spiritual practices in the world around me.

In my interest in all things magical and spiritual, I have also become a Reiki Master-Teacher, an Elder of the Minoan Brotherhood (an American witchcraft tradition for men who love men), a graduate of the Hoodoo Rootwork course of Lucky Mojo, something of a spiritualist and psychic,  As learning, growth, and enlightenment never end, I am always working, learning and seeking to understand more and more.

please feel free to contact me:


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